A Maths Competition 10th and 11th Former





    The Competition

    Complete classes of 10th and 11th formers (or classes of a similar level in Maths) compete against each other.
    A range of Maths exercises is offered them (12 for the 10th formers and 15 for the 11th formers).
    The answer to one of the exercises must be written in a foreign language.
    The pupils of the class have two hours in which to find the answers to the questions set.
    They are expected to work together on the exercises and must hand in one answer sheet for each exercises.
    The competition, which takes place in March, is supervised by a teacher from another school.


    How to take part

    Only complete 10th or 11th year classes (or their equivalents) may apply.
    This year the competition will be open to state- run or private schools in the areas shown on the map.
    In order to take part classes must first have obtained the consent of their Maths teachers and their school administration.
    The number of classes taking part is limited.
    Applications must be sent in by.



    Lifting of barriers between:

    • Frances and neighbouring countries,
    • the different schools, local firms and local authorities,
    • Mathematics and modern languages,
    • middle and upper schools,
    • pupils of the same class.
    To promote:
    • interest in Mathematics and foreign languages,
    • team work,
    • a greater sense of involvement,
    • pupil-centred initiatives.


    The Organiser

    The competition is organised by a group of teachers, headmasters and school inspectors.
    The organisers are empowered to modify the regulations should the need arise.
    They have created a cultural and scientific association which goes by the name of MATHEMATIQUES SANS FRONTIERES.



    September - October: applications are sent in.
    December: mock competition.
    March: official competition.
    May: prize-giving.


    The Maths Exercises

    The exercises offered vary in type and degree of difficulty.
    They encourage group work and are meant to be tackled by all pupils.
    One of the exercises must be written out in either French, German or Spanish.
    Every pupil will find something that appeals to his taste and abilities.



    For each area taking part two prize lists are drawn up: one for 10th formers, the other for 11th formers.
    Prizes are shared out amongst all the participants of a winning class (eg. trip, concert, show etc...)
    All the pupils of a winning class, their teachers, local dignitaries, sponsors and the press are invited to the prize-giving ceremony.
    A few prizes are set aside for the drawing of lots.

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